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Media Buying

Yes, they’re very different, but these two seem to play well in the sandbox. They have the same first name. They’re numbers-oriented. They dabble in the science behind advertising. And honestly, with only twelve circles on our list of services, we had to throw a few things together somewhere.

Media buying is the science of buying air and space to share your messages. (We’re thinking of getting Cori a T shirt that says “I buy air” so we can laugh at her behind her back.)  But when it’s done right, good media buying not only earns you business, it saves you money.  We can explain how when we meet.

Media monitoring is the science of estimating the value of the FREE press you’re getting for all the good (or, if you’re one of those unfortunate types, the bad) you’re doing in the world. For example, determining the value of the media coverage you earned on your last PR initiative, special event, festival, etc. You do this because you’re a curious sort, because you need to report back to the board, or because the boss is challenging you to justify your salary. You could spend hours scouring the Internet to scrape together every mention of your company, or you could subscribe to an uber-expensive media monitoring service. Or you could call us, and we can provide that information quickly and affordably – one time, or on a regular basis.