The Left Brain

Meet Terri White

Terri White White Rice Advertising and Public Relations T erri White, CFO. Logical, analytical, and objective, Terri is the perfect person for the job, particularly when the job is keeping several dozen balls in the air, then making sure they systematically land in the right place. She’s the reason we haven’t ordered a 16th century Italian-style globe bar for the office. Yet. We sometimes call her “mom.”

Professionally, Terri has been the right hand (wo)man of one successful advertising and public relations firm and then owner of another since the…well, we won’t say how long. Her blend of pragmatism and creativity have guided her and the agencies lucky enough to have her for many years now.

Drop Terri a line at Terri’s Email or give her a jingle at the ol’ dub-r.

Terri’s World.