Corpus Callosum

Meet Nick Berenz

Nick Berenz White Rice Advertising Creative T he corpus callosum. (For you non-brain surgeon types, that’s the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.) It’s hard not to like Senior Account Executive Nick Berenz. He’s smart, funny, and sensitive in a very dude-like way. Rarely do you find a perfect balance of strategic smarts, creativity and talent in one person, particularly one who’s so likeable and has so many pairs of shoes. Even we’re sometimes amazed at what comes out of that brain of his. Or comes through the door on his feet.

As a pro, Nick has worked on festivals, retail accounts and non-profits. He loves coming up with anything creative so whether it’s a logo, TV spot, billboard or a short video to get a quick laugh at his friends’ expense (go ahead and search Numb and Nimble or Snowman’s Revenge on YouTube), he’s game. He’s what they call a people person, although his number of “friends” on Facebook has been called into question more than once.

Drop Nick a line at Nick’s Email or catch him on a diamond or court in the western suburbs most nights.