The Right Brain

Meet Cori Rice

Cori Rice White Rice Advertising - Chief Media Buyer W hen you meet Cori Rice, Creative Director for White Rice, you’ll talk about media strategy, creative concepts and making the most of your budget.  You’ll probably talk about ghosts, and don’t be surprised if Bigfoot comes up. She has opinions about all of them, and is happy to share. But she also has a passion for representing our clients that’s unmatched, and more than two decades of experience in creating award-winning creative advertising campaigns that get noticed.

After five (and occasionally before), Cori is a wife, mother of two and friend to anyone who shows even a remote need for help. She’s commonly referred to as the “Most Helpful Person in Cedarburg” and that could extend to anywhere in the Midwest. You need something, Cor has your back.

Drop Cori a line at Cori’s Email or heck, friend her on Facebook.  Once you meet her, you’ll end up doing it anyway.